Lesson of the Week: Lyonel Feininger


This week, Trevor has been using work by by 20th century artist Lyonel Feininger to demonstrate the importance of contour lines. Trevor writes:

In the spirit of averting those windless zones of the sea the ship that Lyonel Feininger depicts in his landscape has both steam engine and sailing capabilities. The lesson limits each line to that of a perfect ruled mark, creating almost exclusively 2 dimensional shapes, representing everything from architecture to mountains to ships and reflections. The steamship hints at the 3rd dimension while the successive zoning of the mountains receding from dark to light create the illusion of depth and space.

The unifying nature of using exclusively straight lines will provide a solid foundation for this week’s upcoming lesson in cast drawing. It’s always amazing how each lesson seamlessly calls out to the next as if destiny herself were at the helm.